About Badger


I am a middle aged guy who has spent several years on the mainland of Australia working at a University. I’ve had enough of big cities and I decided to chuck it all in and do something different.

I now live in a fairly small, mildly remote, rural community in North West Tasmania. I have bought a small run down cottage with about 20 acres of badly degraded land.

I have wallabys, echidnas, possums, tasmanian devils, and all sorts of other critters wandering around. I don’t have running water, electricity, telephone, internet, or any of the normal things you get when you buy a house. Oh… I have a long drop… but it’s full. Really full. Let’s not go there.

I will slowly breathe (okay… asthmatically gasp) life back into the place. My hope is that in a few years time, I will have restored much of the character that the cottage had back in 1910. I hope that the rubbish and poison that has been dumped on the land will be cleaned up.

While I am pecking away at all of that, I hope to spend a lot of time procrastinating by writing (mind you, much of my time will be spent playing games. I am a gamer, a geek, a nerd – call it what you will).

I imagine that will pretty much satiate your curiosity. If you have questions that have not been answered, please feel free to drop me a line. I may or may not answer.

Be well,



1 thought on “About Badger”

  1. G’day

    After chuckling and commiserating over the many and varied events that fill your bucolic life, I have to say that I would just about chuck in what I have to experience each day as you do. Sydney will never be a home to me! Please let me know if I might drop by sometime in the latter quarter of the year. I’m very willing to exchange slave labour for some fresh air.

    Many thanks to the Jane for alerting me to your online presence. I trust Tas is working some healing upon you in spite of your carefree attitude to OHS.


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